Monitoring and Assessment of TSBS

Monitoring is a permanent process during the Transport SBS program implementation. The monitoring should be clearly aimed at developing the background for the next evaluation of condition compliance level and Program indicator achievement level.

The regular monitoring of the Transport SBS program implementation is provided by the Joint Monitoring Group of SBS program. The group membership is approved by the joint order of IMI and MIA.

Assessment is concerned with the extent and under what circumstances budget support is relevant, efficient, and effective in contributing to achieving sustainable impacts in the areas which are the focus of the objectives of budget support. An evaluation will be expected to identify evidence, best practice, lessons, and recommendations regarding to what extent, how, why, and when budget support has either contributed to reaching and/or could contribute to reaching intended objectives.

The draft evaluation should be prepared by the JMG Technical Committee and approved by the Management Committee.

The evaluation is based on the principles stipulated in the Financing Agreement and the further approved documents:

  •  Manual 1 on assessing and reporting the SBS program compliance (for evaluation – Compliance of General and Specific Conditions of SBS program)
  •  Manual 2 on assessing and reporting the SBS program indicator achievement.

Joint Monitoring Group

The Joint Monitoring Group of SBS program has been established by  the joint order of IMI and MIA No 101/184 on May 11th 2011. The personal membership of the JMG approved by this order has two levels: management (steering) and technical as specified by the provisions of Financing Agreement of the SBS program. The JMG membership was formed on the basis of proposals submitted by the ministries concerned, state departments, and the EU, according to the MIU request. The JMG membership is updated in case of necessity.

The JMG operates under the approved JMG Regulation.

The JMG technical committee should meet once a quarter and prepare the current reports on the program condition compliance to provide the proper operation control as well as to identify non-compliance risks.

The JMG management committee should meet at least once a year to consider and to approve reports prepared on the TSBS program condition compliance and to adopt other documents needed to high-grade and well-timed achieving the Programme results.