STS Project


 “Support for the implementation of the Transport Strategy of Ukraine     (STS)” is an EU funded project designed to help the Ministry of Infrastructure with the implementation of the Ukraine’s National Transport Strategy and to reinforce cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the transport sector.   

The STS project aims at:

Supporting the implementation of the National Transport Strategy and helping develop and implement sub-sector programmes for different modes of transport as well as in areas such as transport safety and security, energy efficiency.

For this the project will:

-  Provide support to the Ministry of Infrastructure in meeting the targets and milestones agreed under the financing agreement of the “EU’s Transport Sector Budget Support Program to Ukraine”, hence allowing EU grant of € 65 million to be released to the Ukrainian Government;

-  Further harmonise the Ukrainian legislation in the transport sector with that of the EU, giving priority to the legislation included in the draft Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

-  Develop the capacity of the Ministry of Infrastructure in traffic forecasting, transport modelling, infrastructure planning and prioritising investments in the transport sector. It will as well further improve cooperation between the International Financial Institutions and the Ukrainian transport agencies.

-  Develop the capacity of the MIU through strengthening human resources management practices, provision of training, and offering opportunities for the Ukrainian transport professionals to benefit from European practices and experience.

As importantly, the project will design and implement public information campaigns to raise the awareness of the civil society about the joint objectives of Ukraine and EU to improve the transport infrastructure in Ukraine and facilitate increasing of exchanges between Ukraine and Europe.