On the 20th of October 2010, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the “Transport Strategy of Ukraine for the period up to 2020” aimed at supporting sustainable and efficient transport sector operation to create conditions for social and economic development of the country, improved competitiveness of the national economy, and transport safety.

The transport strategy covers all transport sub-sectors, including cross-sector issues such as environment, border crossing, safety, etc. The strategy aims at facilitating the integration of the domestic transport system into the European and international transport systems, and maximising the transit potential of Ukraine.  The strategy is aligned with the President’s economic reform program adopted in summer of 2010.

The strategy provides a framework for the implementation of necessary transport sector reforms.  It also sets out the foundation for government-led donor coordination to develop and implement a comprehensive and prioritised investment program in the sector.

This is a positive development as it provides opportunities for mobilising the efforts of both Government and external partners for this highly important objective.

Currently, action programs for the execution of the strategy are under preparation. The transport strategy refers to a number of other strategic documents that will be elaborated upon, such as road safety strategy, aviation safety programme, etc. It is intended that the various sub-sectoral strategies under preparation will address the shortcomings of the overall transport strategy document.


Download Brochure of the Strategy (PDF)